Dredging & General Contractor
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1. Offshord Project

Many several offshore projects, dredging activities are urgently needed including the installation of subsea pipelines, especially under seabed, where pipelines before doing installation, pipeline canals must be ready and in some cases re-closure of the canal.
PT. Banter Putra Jaya has experience in this sector,  one of them like the State Gas Company (PGN) underwater gas pipeline installation project located in Labuhan Maringgai Beach - Lampung.
Apart from that, dredging is also needed for other supporting activities related to offshore projects such as making ship grooves on shallow beaches, for the purposes of Service Vessels and Pipe Vessels and other jobs.

2. Maintenance of Shipping Line

Maintenance of Shipping Line, especially toward to commercial ports or ports which are specifically for mining goods such as coal, is a vital component because it directly influences the flow of goods transportation, this condition is usually caused by siltation/sedimentation,  especially at ports near to river or caused by port internal activities.
Regular dredging is the solution to the smooth trafic of the ship to the port, PT. Banter Putra Jaya has good capacity for this projects, either on the river or at sea.

3.  Maintenance Of Port Bassin

The Port bassin is an important component for ships to maneuver before the ship anchoring or exits the port to sail.
However, this can be a problem if the pool is experiencing siltation or sedimentation, as a result the ship will having difficulties in anchoring or leaving the port.
Therefore it is important to carry out maintenance at the port pool to ensure the fulfillment of the depths of the pool depth that are adjusted to the draft of the vessel that will lean on the port
Other needs are increasing the tonnage capacity of ships that will lean on the port, so that it requires additional depth in accordance with the draft capacity of the vessel to be leaning on.
PT. Banter Putra Jaya carried out the Dredging of the bassin pool  several of the following projects such as: Dredging in Surabaya Container Terminal Port (PT. TPS), Dredging in Sudimoro-Pacitan PLTU Port (PT. PJB), Dredging in Labuhan-Banten PLTU Port ( PT. Indonesia Power), ect.

4.  Maintenance of Dam/Bendungan PLTA

Regular maintenance of dams for various purposes such as irrigation, hydroelectric power plants etc. Desperately need dredging activities to ensure the availability of the specified water discharge. Dredging is solution to maintain the grooves of rivers and maintain the depth of the dam for accommodate the specified water debit.
One of the projects undertaken by PT. Banter Putra Jaya in this case is  maintenance of dam at Sidorejo-Central Java PLTU which has purposes to maintain river flow towards the dam.

5. Reclamtion

Reclamation or the process of making new land from the seabed or riverbed with various development objectives. Reclamation requires dredging activities to efficiently handle material from the bottom of the sea or river to the land. PT. Banter Putra Jaya with its fleet has the capability needed to carry out reclamation activities.

6. Maintenace Kanal Intake CWP

Maintenance of Circulating Water Pump Intake Channels in PLTU requires dredging activities to maintain the flow of water entering the CWP.  Dredging is needed to maintain the intake channel depth so there is no blockage in the CWP mouth or siltation on the canal.
Maintenance of Circulating Water Pump Intake Channel in Sudimoro-Pacitan PLTU, Labuan-Banten PLTU, Grati-East Java PLTU, are some of the projects undertaken by PT. Banter Putra Jaya
PT. Banter Putra Jaya Has a lot of experience in dredging activities for various project needs, supported by a good fleet and experienced crew, and also supported by a sister company in the field of CSD manufacturing, making PT. Banter Putra Jaya is the first choice as your client in the dredging sector. some types of projects have been worked as follows: